The Long Beach Media Collaborative consists of reporters and editors from Long Beach’s four major news agencies: the Press-TelegramLong Beach PostGrunion Gazette and Long Beach Business Journal.

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Tom Bray
Senior Editor, Press-Telegram

Thomas Cordova
Photographer, Press-Telegram

Dennis Dean
Director of Operations, Long Beach Post

David Downey
Reporter, Press-Telegram

Karen Robes Meeks
Special to the Long Beach Business Journal

Samantha Mehlinger
Assistant Editor, Long Beach Business Journal

Asia Morris
Reporter, Long Beach Post

Stephanie Rivera
News Editor, Long Beach Post

Ashleigh Ruhl
Reporter, Special to the Gazette Newspapers

Jason Ruiz
Reporter, Long Beach Post

Wendy Thomas Russell
Project Manager, Long Beach Media Collaborative

Angela Yim
Social Media Intern, Long Beach Media Collaborative