Long Beach’s Housing Crisis: A Special Report from the Long Beach Media Collaborative

When the Long Beach Media Collaborative officially convened in 2017, the four publications involved – the Press-Telegram, the Long Beach Post, the Grunion Gazettes and the Long Beach…

‘What are we going to do?’: Home ownership—in some cases housing—is a struggle in Long Beach

In March, shortly after new owners took control of the apartment complex where Quintanilla’s family lived, they and a dozen other families said they received 60-day notices to vacate.

Long Beach May Consider 15% Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance

You can talk about a national housing shortage, but in Southern California it can easily be called a housing crisis.

‘Just house them:’ This Long Beach campus is getting people off the streets

As they look out of their top-floor apartment toward the Long Beach skyline and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, Hank and Kathy Elands can’t believe their good fortune.

Long Beach’s U.S.VETS Brings Veterans In From The Cold

In the first real home she’s been able to call her own in about a decade, Army veteran Melissa Degnan apologizes for the narrow entryway, blocked by a couple of cardboard boxes stacked there, noting that she’s still getting organized after moving in a few months ago.

A ‘Revolving Door’ Of Homeless Veterans Seek Housing Assistance In Long Beach

Those working to find permanent homes for veterans in need find it’s a challenging process, and a ceaseless one, made more difficult due to the lack of affordable housing and prevention programs, experts say.

Pinching pennies: Students struggle amid soaring rents

The only consistent alone time Johnathan Perez gets to enjoy is in the shower. The Cal State Long Beach sophomore bunks with three others in a house often crammed with college students.

How Section 8 Housing Vouchers Work In Long Beach

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development provides about $9 million annually to the city of Long Beach in Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) to subsidize rents for low-income residents, including formerly homeless people.

For many, the dwellings can be affordable but inaccessible for wheelchair users – or they are accommodating but expensive.

Mary Zendejas needed to leave her home. She’d had a good run. For a decade she’d cultivated a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment into a place she could call home.

Long Beach may soon require new housing projects to include affordable units

Amanda Paiz knows all too well the impact that Long Beach’s lack of affordable housing has on some of its most vulnerable residents.