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Long Beach Libraries Haven For Internet Deprived

Walk just a few feet inside the Long Beach Public Library’s Main Branch on a typical afternoon, and you’ll find a person at nearly every computer terminal —…

Long Beach Unified Embraces Technology To Help Students Succeed

Technology has rapidly changed virtually everything in the classroom. Modern-day geometry students equipped with three-dimensional printers can transform their math lessons into physical shapes. Interactive software lets biology…

Online Applications Make Reaching Out To Universities Efficient

The process of applying to universities has gone completely digital. Bygone are the days of college hopefuls waiting anxiously for big postal envelopes to arrive at the door…

Long Beach Council Members Say Digital Divide a Priority

Long Beach’s elected council members, representing diverse and densely populated portions of a 51-square-mile city, agree that residents’ access to the internet has become essential to everyday life….

Long Beach’s U.S.VETS Brings Veterans In From The Cold

In the first real home she’s been able to call her own in about a decade, Army veteran Melissa Degnan apologizes for the narrow entryway, blocked by a couple of cardboard boxes stacked there, noting that she’s still getting organized after moving in a few months ago.

A ‘Revolving Door’ Of Homeless Veterans Seek Housing Assistance In Long Beach

This article is part of “The Housing Divide: Making it in Long Beach,” a series of stories from the Long Beach Media Collaborative examining the impacts of the…

How Section 8 Housing Vouchers Work In Long Beach

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development provides about $9 million annually to the city of Long Beach in Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) to subsidize rents for low-income residents, including formerly homeless people.