Faces of the Digital Divide (video)

In late September the Long Beach Media Collaborative hosted a forum at the Michelle Obama Library during which we heard from dozens of locals living without internet access…

Technology Changes Dynamics In Multi-Generational Families

Even though her daughter and grandchildren live hundreds of miles away in the Bay Area, 66-year-old Long Beach resident Melinda Wells can still feel close to them, thanks…

‘What are we going to do?’: Home ownership—in some cases housing—is a struggle in Long Beach

In March, shortly after new owners took control of the apartment complex where Quintanilla’s family lived, they and a dozen other families said they received 60-day notices to vacate.

Generational Long Beach Developer’s Concept Aimed at Curbing Housing Shortage

A three-story apartment development nested between Cesar E. Chavez Park and a sea of densely-packed aging apartment complexes isn’t much to look at, but its developer believes it can be a small part of a solution to Southern California’s housing shortage.

The Real Estate Slowdown is Upon Us and Affordability is Playing a Factor

Where do we go from here?