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The Harsh Realities of Living in Long Beach—Without the Internet

Long Beach is located in the heart of one of the world’s most technologically advanced regions. Yet one in six people who live in California’s seventh largest city…

How deeply the internet, smart devices are woven into everyday life for today’s kids just might surprise you (infographic)

According to a 2017 report released by Common Sense Media, children 8 years old and younger spend an average of two hours and 19 minutes a day on…

With no internet at home, some Long Beach kids must do their homework on the road

Used to be, homework was done – well – at home. These days, some Long Beach kids do homework anyplace but home. Cabrillo High School sophomore Angel Mijares,…

Some say access to internet is so crucial, it is a human right

The way Bob Cabeza sees it, connecting to the World Wide Web is more than a convenience, it is an absolute necessity. And those who can’t connect are…

Freedom to connect: Should access to the internet be a human right? (Infographic)

During the past few decades, global internet use has risen dramatically. For many, the internet is the primary source of information exchange with billions of connected users sharing…

Can state lawmakers regulate a rescue from the digital divide?

In a state whose lawmakers have attempted to regulate everything from cow flatulence to daycare-center snacks, it hardly comes as a surprise that Sacramento is trying to rescue…

The smartphone: On-ramp to modern world, but not a cure-all for digital divide

On the surface, the ubiquity of the slick smartphone is closing the digital divide. Whites are more likely than blacks and Latinos to own a desktop or laptop…

Long Beach figures prominently in groundbreaking smartphone study

The expense of subscribing to broadband is driving some people to use smartphones exclusively to access the internet. Related: The smartphone: On-ramp to modern world, but not a…

Infographic: The mammoth impact of the smartphone on our lives — and the digital divide

Although 87 percent of California households are reported to have broadband Internet connectivity at home, a growing segment of underconnected residents’ only means of connecting to broadband is…

There’s no E-miracle at hand: Experts say solving Long Beach digital divide will take teamwork

It’s easy to put a finger on the problem that is the Long Beach digital divide. The issue: U.S. Census Bureau statistics show 25 percent of residents do…

Helpful information for Long Beach residents trying to connect to the web

Internet service providers serving the Long Beach area have special deals for low-income families who may not have been able to afford a broadband subscription in the past….

For many, the dwellings can be affordable but inaccessible for wheelchair users – or they are accommodating but expensive.

Mary Zendejas needed to leave her home. She’d had a good run. For a decade she’d cultivated a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment into a place she could call home.

Long Beach may soon require new housing projects to include affordable units

Amanda Paiz knows all too well the impact that Long Beach’s lack of affordable housing has on some of its most vulnerable residents.

A Long Beach housing-crisis solution could be spelled A-D-U … and it’s not just for ‘granny’

Accessory dwelling units, commonly called “granny flats,” are typically smaller structures built in someone’s backyard – attached or unattached to a single-family house – and can range from a converted garage to a free-standing pool house.

Missing Middle Being Squeezed Out of Housing

They aren’t served by efforts to create affordable homes for lower income families, and they cannot afford the elevated cost of living in California. Experts call them “missing middle.” 

What’s Going Up in Long Beach?

It’s been nearly seven years since the city passed a revision to the Downtown Plan, in which city leaders outlined the goal to bring 5,000 new units to the area. Since 2012, only 367 units have been completed, according to figures from the city’s planning bureau.  

Relocation assistance for renters: A necessity amid the housing crisis? Or a cumbersome business burden to Long Beach property owners?

Wedged between rows of variegated single-family homes, on Alamitos Avenue, sits a dual-property apartment complex. The exteriors of 900 and 904 Alamitos Ave. are beige, or maybe a cream-yellow – shaded, perhaps, by grime, and made illusory by patchwork touch-ups.